Helping Children and their Families as they navigate the education and healthcare systems.
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Why Choose Patty Weiner?

pattypicPatty Weiner's career spans over 30 years of consulting and advocating for children with special needs. She has spent many years as a health-education specialist working with children with chronic health conditions and their families in the community. She has helped schools and communities understand the needs of children with chronic illnesses, through her specialization in school reentry issues of medically challenged children returning to school. Patty's vast experience and professional credentials make her a uniquely qualified and capable advocate.

As a child life specialist and then Director of Child Life and Education Services at North Shore University Hospital, she was passionate and concerned about the developmental needs of newborn babies, infants and babies who were born prematurely and had to spend time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). She made sure infants and their families had their needs assessed and were provided with appropriate services. She was responsible for bringing child life services to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in the late 1980's. 

Patty has also worked as a private clinician providing remediation to children with special needs, consulting with their parents and schools and advocating for children to ensure they receive appropriate school services and entitlements. She specializes in analyzing Individual Education Plans and 504 plans, interpreting neuropsychological evaluations and other reports, as well as assessing a child's needs through in-person classroom observations.

Patty's work in hospital settings and in various schools gives her a unique perspective as an advocate for children. In fact, her work creating a Parent- School-Hospital Task Force led her to meet school nurses, general and special education teachers, chairpersons of Committees of Preschool Special Education (CPSE) and of Committees of Special Education (CSE), school psychologists, social workers, administrators and other key school professionals. This highly acclaimed task force was the first of its kind in the greater New York area.

Her work doesn't stop there. She is a passionate and caring human being, always advocating and seeking new ways to help children and their families. Patty has written grants to launch special collaborative education initiatives. She has written and developed numerous publications and presentations for both lay and academic audiences. As a result of Patty's collaborative efforts, Project DOCC (Delivery of Chronic Care), a medical education program was developed by parents to improve the quality of care for chronically ill children by educating pediatricians-in-training about their special needs from a parent's perspective. This program has been adopted by medical education programs across the country.

She holds degrees in education and special education and has received numerous awards recognizing her contributions.

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